We turn good ideas into businesses

Eurolease Group

Eurolease Group is a company striving to the new tomorrow with the expertise of its long experience behind its back. Being part of Eurohold, the company unites the investments in the leasing sector on the territories of Bulgaria and Macedonia. Eurolease Group started its activity in 2009, and as of today, 6 companies operate in the holding.

Eurolease Group

About us

Have you ever worked in a place where you have seen your coworkers as your family?The steady team of the company is a result of the good work environment where you can grow and learn. Elena /an employee/ jokes that a perfect start of the day is drinking coffee in the office in the company of a coworker whose grandmother you know.

Financial information

Eurolease Group is a company and here you can find its financial statements.

Subsidiaries of the Group

We turn good ideas into businesses. For the last 10 years the company has created and developed several successful and competitive businesses in the leasing sector. The companies have been established due to the market development and consumer needs. The following companies are part of Eurolease Group!